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People Often Ask: "Dock, What is AckSnak?" The answer is found in the definition. The word @ckSn@k (Pronounced Ack - Snack) is a verb. It means to "Supersize."

R U ready to become a household name? Great! Don't Just Launch It... @ckSn@k it. AckSnak will Supersize your Brand or Business. 

We feature highly targeted Facebook advertising strategically aimed @ 1.5 Billion Active Users. We utilize unique concepts, and words that work. @ckSn@k is a one stop multi-media shop that also provides video and editing services.

Our quality is incomparable. Our prices beat the competition. 

To encourage you to try our Facebook advertising services and experience our customer service, we provide introductory packages for a nominal fee. These packages are full sized and fully scalable.

By The Way. We Build Websites That Work.

Connect with us on your cell phone or computer. No App necessary.